TR Jeans and recent Cl21 Bazaar

This is a pair of true religions- Becky in Pony Express. I think I should seriously go down to the store and just buy a pair, just so I can spare you guys from yet another blog post of whining about it. I know they’re really tacky and cheesy but I really want to own a pair ๐Ÿ™‚

I love this wash. I JUST bought a pair of Acne jeans for my mom in the exact same wash. Got it from the Club 21 bazaar at an absolute steal. Acne is cool and all but it is also ridiculously expensive. And since I’m already complaining I might as well add that Balmain COULD be a bit more affordable, then I’d really shop there. I absolutely adore it.

But designer stuff are so unreasonably priced. After the Club 21 bazaar, I just can’t walk into a store anymore and believe that the prices are justifiable. Donna Karan gown from $2,000 to $50? Giorgia Armani suit from $3,000 to $150? Lanvin sweater from $37,000 to $4,000. CK at $30, DKNY at $5. I’m sorry you missed it. Does it make you feel better if I told you I didn’t shop for myself at all though I was there all four days?

I was very lucky to be part of the bazaar this year, for my three-month stint to coincide nicely with the elusive bazaar is so fortunate. Even though I had to work till way after the doors closed every night, to close the registers and tally the settlements, I got the chance to meet so many interesting people and see many interesting things ๐Ÿ™‚


Monthly denim round-up

I’m not very experimental when it comes to jeans. There are too many labels and styles available, the search can be endless. I would think most people prefer to stick to their tried and tested jean brands. Not only out of convenience, but as ardent fans and loyal supporters too. In my head, denimbirds wearers despise true religion, while seven for all mankind fans would never wear cheap mondays. One could argue that they are all jeans.. but that’s the power of marketing. ย For me however the key factor is fit, some jeans are so flattering that you never look back.

But lately I’ve been eyeing Hudsons:

Also thinking of getting some flares:

True Religions are ridiculously expensive in Singapore, especially those with the thick white stitching. But their flares are really special.

SOTD: Sunlight

Everyone knew and loved ‘Shooting Stars’.. But I only lately stumbled upon ‘Sunlight’. It’s at the same time both a love song and a dance track. I would have expected the video to be about teen love and strobe lights but I couldn’t have been more wrong! The relationship in the video reminds me of Hangover and Due Date kind of.

Anyway here’s a worthy cover of the very same song to check out, they really switched it up- and by that I mean mellowed out tuned down and totally loved up:

Can I just add that I always wanted that dirty blonde hair colour…