Lipstick jungle

There was a period of time quite recently when I hated red lips. They stand out too much and I don’t like the attention. So I stopped using any red colours I had and switched to nude coloured lipsticks. But within the last three weeks alone I picked up 3 tubes of red lipsticks and I’m falling back in love. The colour really suits + brightens up my face.

Whether or not you like red, I recommend these three lipsticks if you’re going shopping:

^ Of all the lipsticks I own this is the underdog. It’s from bare escentuals better known for its mineral powders but when I was shopping there the other day I decided I really liked this colour (Red Delicious) and bought it. I am happy to report that this lipstick, made with 100% natural and organic ingredients, is non-drying and super long wearing. The colour hardly leaves my lips even when I’m partying all night and is super comfortable to wear. And it is also very affordable at $29.

^ My favourite make up brand ever. It might be an indirect blessing that we don’t have Nars in singapore, because it seems like everytime I see a Nars counter I have to buy something. Anyway I saw this sheer Flamenco shade online the other day and because red lipsticks are inappropriate for daytime and work, I decided to purchase this sheer colour described as ‘candy apple red’. As a loyal wearer of Nars lipsticks I can find nothing bad to say.

Last but not least, mac sheen supreme lipstick. I was telling my mom about sheer reds and she presented me with this a few days ago. Normally I don’t shop at mac because the music they play is so loud and I don’t really know how to shop with so many colours to choose from and honestly I am not very confident in their quality. So if my mom hadn’t bought this for me I would probably never come to know of this product. But it is really good. It is super easy to apply like it just gliiides on to give my lips a natural red flush that is slightly glossy.

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