New celeb crush


I have discovered Gong Hyo Jin who is so crazy sexy cool with an adorable smile to boot- I liken her to be the Chloe Sevigny of Korea and to top it off she designs her own boots collection too… As always, High Cut magazine presents a spectacular shoot:







Looking glass

To all my homies been hanging out with me of late… does this look not remind you of meee ??? 😀 I absolutely adore this!!

and this too but with sleeker hair. can i be considered a Man Repeller too??


Lipstick jungle

There was a period of time quite recently when I hated red lips. They stand out too much and I don’t like the attention. So I stopped using any red colours I had and switched to nude coloured lipsticks. But within the last three weeks alone I picked up 3 tubes of red lipsticks and I’m falling back in love. The colour really suits + brightens up my face.

Whether or not you like red, I recommend these three lipsticks if you’re going shopping:

^ Of all the lipsticks I own this is the underdog. It’s from bare escentuals better known for its mineral powders but when I was shopping there the other day I decided I really liked this colour (Red Delicious) and bought it. I am happy to report that this lipstick, made with 100% natural and organic ingredients, is non-drying and super long wearing. The colour hardly leaves my lips even when I’m partying all night and is super comfortable to wear. And it is also very affordable at $29.

^ My favourite make up brand ever. It might be an indirect blessing that we don’t have Nars in singapore, because it seems like everytime I see a Nars counter I have to buy something. Anyway I saw this sheer Flamenco shade online the other day and because red lipsticks are inappropriate for daytime and work, I decided to purchase this sheer colour described as ‘candy apple red’. As a loyal wearer of Nars lipsticks I can find nothing bad to say.

Last but not least, mac sheen supreme lipstick. I was telling my mom about sheer reds and she presented me with this a few days ago. Normally I don’t shop at mac because the music they play is so loud and I don’t really know how to shop with so many colours to choose from and honestly I am not very confident in their quality. So if my mom hadn’t bought this for me I would probably never come to know of this product. But it is really good. It is super easy to apply like it just gliiides on to give my lips a natural red flush that is slightly glossy.

TCS Fave: Yao Chen (Marie Claire Aug 11)

Duh! When I found that Yao Chen was gracing yet another magazine cover I couldn’t contain my excitement.. She is the most beautiful Chinese woman to have emerged in recent times (in my opinion) and she is always so well dressed and for some reason every magazine spread she’s in is always amazing. Even Marie Claire- never very adventurous with their editorials- did a fine job photographing Yao Chen. I think she imparts a very fine quality and direction in every thing she’s involved in!

Obsession du jour

i want these babies so bad! it is so hard looking for the perfect n most comfy shoes i swear 😡 i recently purchased a pair of flatforms OooOOohh so on trend right? They look super cute too BUTTT ew! they are the most unflattering shoes ever! i mean, they would make really cool shoes for a really thin girl but I think i’ll stick to high heels. these ones above are marni by the way, mad mad love.



DARCIS by Jean-Phillipe @ The Shoppes Marina Bay Sands

This place might as well be made of candy, it really satisfied my sweet tooth cravings!

I have a mad love for lemon tarts (just like my friend Serene! Hello!!) and the past few times I visited traditional chinese bakeries (two times) I bought egg tarts thinking they were lemon tarts! It’s not entirely my fault, because these bakeries make their egg tarts really big and unlike those we usually eat at dim-sum restaurants. This is a real lemon tart though! The sweet kind, but it wasn’t that great sadly. The lemon part was too mushy and I hate a crust that is too hard to cut through. Actually I’m heading to PS Cafe later and I love the sweet and sour lemon tarts there.. Yay 🙂

Macaroons are highly overrated but too pretty too pass up on and this was actually not bad..Quite good. I had the almond macaroon.


Some banana thingy

Help wanted: denim these choices!

Been shopping around for new jeans lately, like maybe a week? That basically entails visiting every single bread n butter store in singapore. And did you realize they don’t have a website? Who doesn’t have their own website in this modern age? And we’re in singapore!

Anyway my greatest dilemma is the choice between Seven for All Mankind, which really makes the best fitting and most comfortable jeans to exist, the celebs weren’t kidding. And True Religion, which I don’t own a pair of, and I also have a secret dream of pairing my ed hardy tshirt with true religion jeans and heading to aztec, bamboo and karma… Those are all clubs in jersey shore, as you should know, otherwise you’re really missing out… 😦

What do you think?

k i gotta go, my eyes r about to close. i guess when u work hard, it hits u…hard.. toodles! 😀