Kraze Burger @ Marina Bay Sands


You would be shocked too, if you witnessed the number of people who pronounced this place “KRAZY burger”… There was a dude who even asked the waiter, so, is this ‘crazy’ burger or ‘craze’ burger? I don’t know what to make of this.

Did you get a good look at the cover of the menu? Well it isn’t all that healthy actually…

And my Maximum-Hot burger meant for “thrill-seekers” provided no such thrill.

I could be wrong, was never really into burgers anyway. Ate here because we didn’t have reservations anywhere and needed a quick dinner.


Sorry I don’t have a picture of the burgers, because my mom, aka amateur photographer at large, took pictures of the burgers from directly above it so you can’t see shit except for the buns.. -.-

These are the chili fries:



self portrait

To be honest, I get quite annoyed when I visit a blog and the entries are photos from runway shows, which is what I have been doing … I mean everyone can see those for themselves if they want… But anyway bear with me I’m a bored person easily excited by beautiful things. OK but I’ll try to avoid doing so from now.

This weekend wasn’t very boring actually, I was on a fun-filled staycation at Marina Bay Sands. 😛

Anyway this is a picture of me in the lobby, my face looks made up because I was just shopping at Sephora and the lady tried on a bunch of stuff on my face.

I hope this doesn’t scare u, it is quite a large photo.

My picks

Who do i even think i am? That anyone would even bother about what i like? Why am i doing this?? Ugh! Leave a lonely girl be! I havent met justin bieber yet.

I love this look by Pucci by the way. It is so wonderfully styled.I love the mix of textures and the print is so classic pucci.

Next is what i think is my favourite look of the season. Well, at least until dolce n gabbana comes out. Haha kidding, these Givenchy prints are killing me. Its defintely what i would expect from Givenchy; edgy bold modern stylish.


You know, i like DKNY. they gave us a Givenchy-esque shirt this season…


…and a fabulous dress


Looking back i should have blogged about Theory instead of Preen that day.. Cuz im still thinking about owning everything from here:





If i had a gun to my head and had to choose a favourite i still wouldnt be able to decide which Theory look i like best. But id definitely wear the third one.

Ok, i think ive talked to myself enough for one day, especially considering the last 23 hours. (its 11pm now) so i stop now

But one last thing, im on the hunt for new bathing suits, if you know of any places i should check out, please let me know!

Bye now, this last dress is Pucci


Resort 2012 Faves: Preen

I thought Jenni Kayne would be my favorite. When I woke up this morning, I was browsing through all the latest shows on style com including Theysken’s Theory which is amazing, as usual, I thought I would write about it. But then, I looked at Preen and an overwhelming feeling took over me and I had no more enthusiasm left for Theory, sadly. Preen was breath-taking let me show you. And btw it’s kind of hard to type on the awkwardly sized iPad keyboard.

I guess if you asked me a year ago I would have preferred Theory for it’s edgy simplicity but I’ve grown to really adore prints especially bold floral and leopard. Both of which Preen combined to form one of their season’s key prints. It is slightly reminiscent of Dolce & Gabbana however.

I love every silk button down with a good print. This simple shirt is paired with the most charming yellow skirt to make my second fave outfit from this collection!


that was second, cuz this is first. I love mixing prints.

you can’t get anymore dolce & Gabbana than this!



Other shows I’m really excited about: Dolce & Gabbana, Miu Miu, Givenchy, Lanvin 😀

Resort 2012 Faves: Jenni Kayne

Woo I’m blogging from my iPad now! What a brilliant brilliant invention, I haven’t been able to put it down since I got it in Tuesday! And it will get even better with ios5! To be honest I’m considering changing to an iPhone..

Anyway, I love these two looks from Jenni Kayne Resort 2012. So neat and pretty with a dash of colour! Right now I love colour. Just bought a hot pink blazer though I haven’t worn it I just love looking at it.



I want to own these two looks!

And this is also Jenni Kayne, I would totally wear this! I’d probably change the white pants for jeans though, only because I’ll look fat in white pants.


Ok toodles. Everything just looks so pretty on the iPad.

Swiss Butchery @ Coronation Plaza

“You know that quiet little cafe? The one that serves really good food, but no one knows about?”

If I told you something like that, the first thought that comes to mind would most likely be that cafe in the stables with the unoriginal name, or perhaps that coffee place weirdly located in an aging housing estate, or even that indie cafe in that indie bookstore.

Well the difference between what I am about to recommend and those mentioned in the previous paragraph, is that it is completely without pretence. This place is just your regular friendly neighbourhood haunt most people would not pay a second look, until they get a taste.

Restaurant in question is Swiss Butchery at Coronation Plaza, originally Swiss Butchery/Grill at Greenwood which I believe is still there. It is on the ground floor tucked at the very end of the mall, behind Starbucks and Hong Kong Cafe, so obscure I never noticed it.

It is a very tiny place, with only 4 simple tables outdoors. There are more seats available inside but the lighting is harsh and it is where the butchers chop up meat. Aesthetically this place isn’t very appealing at all. The crowd I observed all came by after work and seem like they live nearby.

The food however is something to write about. Among my friends and myself, we ordered a blue cheese burger, a lamb burger and a wagyu beef salad as mains. They all cost $15 or less for larger than life portions. And the $15 was money well spent. This is definitely a no-frills place all about food. They might have skimmed on decorations but the food is 100%.

Service was impeccable, our waitress was helpful and friendly. Maybe because there weren’t many people there. Food is served quickly and the servings were very generous. Half of my huge plate of salad was Wagyu beef. All our meats were superb, nothing less expected since we were eating at a freaking butchery. They specialize in meats! My friends’ burgers also came with generous sides.


Green tea

French onion soup

OK sorry, at this point my camera died so I could not photograph the other food 😦 They are super fantastic though.

Anyway let me introduce two of my homies…


Kunsie Poonsie

I don’t have a picture of myself from that night. So I will just insert a random picture… Haha yeah pretty cheesy..