Li Bing Bing: Marie Claire June 2011

Li Bing Bing > Fan Bing Bing don’t you think? Also, I love everything glamourous and this is it

Most Beautiful Women Hong Kong

Sorry for the short hiatus, I’m back bitches. Continuing with our Asian focus, today I present you the most beautiful women in Hong Kong. I’m currently planning a short trip to Hong Kong in July with friends, to shop till we drop so I’m really excited about it, hence this post 🙂 I love how some of the most beautiful women in the world agreed to deviate from the conventional idea of beauty and shoot these photos. Hongkongers just have an effortless cool about them. Enjoy!

I’m obsessed with Angelababy now. Before, I was pretty WTF about her name. But she’s so cute/pretty/hot, anything goes seriously. This is her below:

Ok and of course my all time idol Cecilia Cheung. Sooo pretty + stylish.

I wish I had a godmother like Carina Lau! She is the picture of sophistication. What every woman should strive to be 🙂

Isabella Leong

Qi qi.

Faye Wong

Shu Qi.

Singapore GE 2011

Finally, the weekend is here for me to take a breather. It won’t be a very deep breath, because I still have a mountain of things to do, but since it’s a Friday, I’m just going to relax a little.

With this free time, I finally have the chance to share MY views on the General Elections 2011. I am not of age to vote, but I still have an opinion. It isn’t very much because a lot of people have already stepped out with 2000-word essays in defence of the PAP and they’ve pretty much said all there is to say. I am here today to just randomly rant about all the things that have angered me.

Its true, last night, I was in fits of anger and rage, so much so that I was unable to fall asleep. Why? Because last night Nicole Seah spoke at a rally for NSP, during which, she ‘broke down’ and cried. Um, ok, whatever Nicole. To me it was an overreaction and exaggeration especially for someone who usually puts on a cool face and speaks with conviction. So, which side of her is fake? I don’t want to be an inhumane bitch, but her crying really put me off. You want to be a leader, but you’re not displaying sufficient maturity or leadership qualities very much at all. If she’s crying NOW, I’m afraid to see how she is going to handle the future! And if by any chance, the tears she was crying were fake, then that would be another story.

I don’t wish to spend any more of my (limited, as mentioned) breath talking about this girl. I’m going to quote xiaxue, who wrote a short and accurate summary of Nicole Seah,

“Pros: Knows how to insult PAP to ginormous cheers.

Cons: Attention-seeking whore with grumpy face.”

It may be a bit biased, but it made me laugh while nodding in agreement. Xiaxue hit the nail on the head.

Regarding xiaxue’s point on Nicole Seah insulting PAP, this is true for ALL opposition parties. Yes, everyone wants to be a leader. But are they doing it for the right reasons? And are they using the right methods?

While I do not doubt their love for our country (for even I, a mere citizen, a nobody, NOT running for election, love my country and its people deeply), their approach has not convinced me. I do agree that Singapore needs a strong opposition to keep checks and balances on progress, but few of the opposition candidates have proved to be worthy. Until then, my vote (figuratively speaking) remains with PAP.

-Caliber of candidates

What I cannot stand the most, is that some of the opposition candidates are not even able to speak proper English! This is absolutely unacceptable! And Low Thia Kiang even chose to deliver his speech in dialect! Am I supposed to find that publicity stunt AMUSING? How can I readily support such people in parliament? I’ve met people like that before and they are loud, crude, kiasu, and most of all POWER-HUNGRY. And now there are a lot of them trying to contest!

Ang Yong Guan (SDP) at a recent rally, while he started off in English, it gradually veered off into hokkien territory, with BAD HOKKIEN JOKES which he kept repeating. His speech would go something like, “Tia wu boh?? (Can hear or not?) *Insert bad hokkien joke about PAP. Repeat. Because he thinks it’s so funny he has to say it twice.* Tia wu boh?? Tia wu boh??” Such is the depth and wisdom expected from a minister.

-Choice to vote Opposition

What I am afraid of is that because they seem more ‘down-to-earth’, they will probably appeal to a lot of lower-income groups of people who probably understand hokkien better than English. But once again, this is unacceptable! Compare these speeches to those made by our PAP ministers. Pick anybody, and note the difference because a PAP speech is substance and foresight, while opposition parties provide no concrete plans, just a vague picture of ideology in their minds, and they think that once they take over, Singapore will become a PERFECT country! When all they say is, “SHOW US THE RESERVE ACCOUNTS! TELL US WHY THE YOG EXPENDITURE WENT OVER THE BUDGET!” over and over and over again! And their supporters will start cheering! Absolutely ridiculous!

-What makes a leader?

These people are not cut out to be LEADERS. Leaders are people like Goh Chok Tong, who are well educated, well read, speak well and have a large network of contacts. Only certain people are fit to fill these shoes and a lot of them don’t understand that.

-Ungrateful Singaporeans

And this frustrates me most of all! I am so disappointed in the number of Singaporeans who are so ungrateful for all that Singapore is now. On YouTube, opposition rally videos can get up to 70000 hits, whereas our PM Lee Hsien Loong’s lunch time rally at Tanjong Pagar only received a pathetic 1000! And the number of dislikes heavily outweighed the likes. What are Singaporeans so dissatisfied about? Are they just too bored with their lives in the midst of the success our country is experiencing? The number of opposition supporters this year is ASTOUNDING!

-Opposition thinks we overspend

Another thing that really really really pisses me off is how some opposition candidates do not support the idea of the IRs in Singapore. They keep harping on not being ‘left behind’ but without these IRs Singapore cannot experience economic growth and the rise in quality of living! PAP is arguably more westernized and they understand the need for such entertainment and lifestyle hubs in our increasingly cosmopolitan country. But the opposition parties will probably be like, “Hah? Disco tech ah?” and decide that it will be a waste of our country’s money and not develop it. This is what I’m afraid of! Urban lifestyle will go downhill!


This year’s election has been very ‘noisy’ for me. There is a lot of unnecessary ‘noise’ by ‘noisy’ people. My piece of advice? Check yourself before you wreck yourself. PAP has been in business longer than you have. Do you really think that they don’t see and feel the same problems? For problems to be fixed time is needed. So chill the fuck out, opposition people.

That said, I would like to add that I am NOT completely biased, like I said earlier I do wish for a strong opposition, comprising of capable people like Vincent Wijeysingha, Sylvia Lim, even Chiam See Tong, to name a few. They just need to get their act together and eliminate the weeds. Also, come up with an ACTUAL CONCRETE PLAN. I cannot support opposition at all during this year’s elections. But I am excited to find out what they have to offer 5 years later.

I am really nervous about the results tomorrow night, because from the depths of my heart and soul I STRONGLY BELIEVE that the Opposition is unstable at this point in time. They cannot lead now!