Price vs Quality

Wow. If I had money to spend I’d defintely splash it out on this. It costs 642 pounds though. A ridiculous amount of money for a blouse. Do real people actually spend so much on clothing? It is very beautiful isn’t it? So quirky and original, yet so delicate and luxurious. I don’t often encounter things I really really love but I just adore this. Argh I think I know what I’ll be dreaming about tonight..

The only thing standing between me and this blouse, is its hefty price tag. Isn’t 642 pounds just a bit too expensive for a blouse? Even the finest silk can wear and tear. I can’t bring myself to accept the price. However this blouse is sort of one of a kind, substitutes are not readily available, so I don’t really have much choice. Which is what I face with almost everything I like actually. Either I live without the item or fuck caring and just buy it. But it’s my mother’s money so I’ll feel kind of guilty afterwards.

Also the old adage is always to invest in accessories and spend less on clothing. So technically this isn’t a very good investment.

Well that’s just too bad. I swear I would have worn this every day.

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