Object of desire of the day

Consider me tardy to the party, it’s kind of late to be falling in love with a dress that was presented last year. But over the weekend while shopping, this Dolce and Gabbana dress screamed out my name…

Sadly, this dress did is slightly out of my means. SIGH! Because it is so beautiful. Actually, I loved everything in the store a lot. I think as of right now Dolce & Gabbana is my favourite designer du jour. They are bold yet undeniably feminine.

Usually when I go shopping I hardly buy stuff. If I do they are highly likely to be more basic crew necks because it’s so hard to find standout pieces to fall in love with. Then when I finally do encounter true love, I can’t have it! That’s life! 😀

Shady Business

I had wanted to Tumblr this but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to post individual photos in the same post without it being a photoset.

The sunglasses below are truly an object of beauty. And beautiful things must be shared. Quite surprisingly they are by House of Harlow, which has built up its reputation over the years but never quite won be over until now.

Amazing right? After looking at this, every other pair of sunnies look so mediocre to me.

Price vs Quality

Wow. If I had money to spend I’d defintely splash it out on this. It costs 642 pounds though. A ridiculous amount of money for a blouse. Do real people actually spend so much on clothing? It is very beautiful isn’t it? So quirky and original, yet so delicate and luxurious. I don’t often encounter things I really really love but I just adore this. Argh I think I know what I’ll be dreaming about tonight..

The only thing standing between me and this blouse, is its hefty price tag. Isn’t 642 pounds just a bit too expensive for a blouse? Even the finest silk can wear and tear. I can’t bring myself to accept the price. However this blouse is sort of one of a kind, substitutes are not readily available, so I don’t really have much choice. Which is what I face with almost everything I like actually. Either I live without the item or fuck caring and just buy it. But it’s my mother’s money so I’ll feel kind of guilty afterwards.

Also the old adage is always to invest in accessories and spend less on clothing. So technically this isn’t a very good investment.

Well that’s just too bad. I swear I would have worn this every day.

Now Playing: 22/5

I just put together some songs I am in the mood for right now on my iTunes to play on loop.. Thought I would share it with you here as well since this blog is bordering on extinction. No that is not what I hope for it but at the rate I’m going..

Special mentions for Justice, simply for being the pioneer of their craft. And Death Cab for the super addictive riffs. And Smith Westerns for the stunning guitar solo. And one last thing, Steve Aoki should stfu. You don’t see Justice trying to sing -.-

Thank you.

Just a few observations:

1) Why are people still queuing for Koi Bubble Tea? Why? When there are plenty of substitutes out there? I’m not saying to go buy Sweet Talk which I admit is inferior with their syrup and pearls. But for example in Clementi, there is a Taiwanese bubble tea shop called OK Tea directly opposite Koi. I’ve tried OK Tea a couple of times and it is really good stuff, no less than Koi. Despite this, Koi Clementi continues to see relentlessly long lines. Business at OK Tea is brisk but in no way comparable to Koi.

Well, to me there can only be one reason for this.

People do not taste with their taste buds and do not think with their brains. Given two bubble tea choices of equal taste and standard, they cannot judge for themselves what they like. Instead they follow blindly the Koi craze and join the hundred other Singaporeans in the line to get their cup. Which is absurd to me when just across the pavement there is equally good bubble tea with no waiting time!

It’s like they PREFER to stand in the heat, they PREFER to waste an hour of their day standing around for just 10 minutes of pleasure, they PREFER to pay unreasonable amounts of money for an unreasonably priced-drink. … Compared to waltzing up to the OK Tea counter, whistling while making your order and then, still in high spirits, collecting your awesome drink.

Whatever it may be, it’s their prerogative, even if they choose to suffer. I’m not going to stand in those idiots’ way.

While I’m all for good food and good drinks, the Koi craze is too ridiculous for my comprehension.

2) I went shopping today at OPI because I wanted to buy the new set of Pirates of the Caribbean colours. I really like the muted colours in this collection. But that’s not really the point. The point, is, that while I was browsing the colours, there was this lady standing there giving herself a full manicure. Read: two coats of nail polish plus topcoat! In other words she was openly freeloading off the testers. It was disgusting. Had she no shame? The sales assistant went up to her and told her that if she wanted to paint all her nails she should buy a bottle home and take her time there. She said ok, but still continued with her manicure. Wow I’m just so stunned and shocked that people like this exist. She was from China by the way.

Fave wedding of the year

Sorry for neglecting! I haven’t had much to write about. But for the sake of updating I will come up with something, anything, to write about right now.

It has been quite the season for wedding bells to chime hasn’t it? My favourite wedding so far is hands down that of Christine Fan and Blackie Chen’s. It seems wrong to favour this over the royal wedding that was so fairytale-like and undeniably every girl’s dream. But 范范 and 黑人’s relationship is the sweetest love story. When they got together 10 years ago, I never thought they would last. They seemed to be from different worlds. On top of that, I had the biggest crush on 黑人. Along the way they definitely had their doubters, which 范范 sang about on her song 黑白配。Youtube it, it has the cutest lyrics too. Anyway now I think they are super compatible and 黑人 is going to be the best husband to 范范. Their love for each other is so deep, it makes me believe that love does exist outside of TV shows and movies.

Here is their wedding video. It helps if you understand Mandarin, because 黑人 made the most touching vow and I bawled my eyes out at that. Wow to have someone say those words to you. Who wouldn’t?










Anyway from the bottom of my heart I wish them all the happiness in the world. They truly truly deserve it 🙂