Shoe story

Yay! TWO people enjoyed my previous post! I feel like a real blogger now. Could I be the next xia xue???

Anyway, got these pics of Khloe Kardashian’s (love her) shoe closet off The Coveteur.

And I’m thinking to myself, do you need so many black shoes?? It’s so excessive I’m not even jealous. I always own 1 pair of black heels at a time. When they start to wear out or I get sick of them I will retire them and buy a new pair. I can’t imagine owning a hundred pairs of sick black shoes and having to choose among them every time I was going out. I’ll probably feel so bad for all the shoes I’m not wearing and have this internal debate for at least an hour.

But I know it’s different for everyone. Some people just like to collect them and fondle/caress them and be surrounded by beautiful shoes everyday and feel happy about it. Like my mom she has a hundred wrap dresses that look the same. But she camps out at DvF and Laundry and still falls in love all over again when she spots a new one.

NOT FOR ME! I’m a super level headed shopper 🙂 People should hire me to be their shopping controller. I analyze your financial situation, analyze the product, analyze the potential all too well.  But then again the amount of money you pay me could get you a new pair of loubis! Just kidding, it could get you a pair of Jimmy Choos.

The perfect picture of excess.

I’ve been wearing my Toms everywhere everyday for the past half a year. And I feel good about it because I did a good deed! But I think it’s time for a change and I am thinking of buying these babies as my new everyday shoes:

What do you think?

Maybe I will have a bigger obsession with shoes in the future when I have to dress up more. But right now I am in the same tshirt and jeans everyday, I don’t even care if my shoes match as long as they’re practical and comfortable. My mom is always complaining. The story is, if I’m just going to school or coffee bean I really couldn’t care less about my bare face or shoe choice.

But just to clarify I’m not totally a slob… I am super particular about the cutting of my tshirts n jeans, n my purses. still love me some good shoes too. I’m hoping and praying that the Miu Miu Polka dot shoes from Spring go on sale soon so I can snap them up.. You see, I’m on a SHOEstring budget :p

And the key is to select versatile shoes that fit in with your every day life.

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