PS Cafe @ Ann Siang Hill

Checked out the newest PS Cafe over the weekend with my gfs. The one that infamously banned kids from its premises when it opened. Which consequently invited a lot of criticism. But I don’t necessarily find it a bad thing. The location of this new branch at Ang Siang Hill is generally not even family-friendly to begin with. People who frequent this area range from young adults to expats, on a normal day you wouldn’t really find a child roaming around. If they had wanted to make their Dempsey or Palais branches kid-free, that would present more of a problem and lose them a lot of customers.

PS Cafe is also trying to make its foray into the bar/pub scene, with 2 bars in their 3-storey establishment, one on the ground floor and one on the rooftop. That, I believe, is the main reason for its newly imposed age requirement. To continually expand their brand and lure loyal PS Cafe enthusiasts to their out-of-the-way location, the only way was to make use of their established PS Cafe brand name. They could have easily called it a random Tom/Dick/Harry Cafe/Bar with a 40-year-old age requirement and it probably wouldn’t have attracted half the criticisms.

However it remains very popular despite any controversy and the restaurant was fully booked out during our visit. Our request for another table (because we weren’t happy with ours) could not be fulfilled. At our table was this huge vase of plant that made us feel as if we were dining in a rainforest. It doesn’t SOUND like it’s a problem but seriously, the leaves were in my face the whole time and if it had drooped any lower I probably would have eaten it together with my food. If possible, request for a table on the top floor as it is dimmer and feels more romantic for dinner. The second floor where I dined had a more cafe vibe. The crowd seemed to mainly comprise of girls on a girls night out.

Decor is standard PS Cafe, as you can tell from the pictures below. The rooftop bar is very quiet and seems like a nice place to unwind. We agreed that this PS is the most similar to that of Palais Renaissance, though we still prefer the high ceilings and spaciousness of Palais. Table seatings were pretty cramped at ASH.

Food wise we ordered the standard truffle fries, a laksa pesto, veggie lasagna and I had the flamed prawns. Nothing to shout about here! Was mildly disappointed that my dish was overly creamy.

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