Natalia Vodianova: Vogue US May 11

I keep three blogs. It never really bothered me because I was mostly amusing myself with all three. Blog a bit here and a bit there. Now it is starting to seem a bit silly and ridiculous! I can’t even decide where I want to blog what anymore.

Anyway taking a break from the Asians for a minute, because today (meaning Sunday 17 April 2011) was a Busy (with a capital B) day for Asians. In Singapore there was the Star Awards (not much to be said about that) and in Hong Kong the 30th Hong Kong Film Awards were held. It was a star-studded affair so a stream of photos will surely appear here over the next few days.

For now, some ang moh spirit from Natalia Vodianova for Vogue US May 11. I always look out for Natalia’s shoots ever since her July 2010 spread in Vogue US.

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