Sex Appeal of the day: Hyun Bin

To call this an obsession, would be a serious understatement. At this point, I think it can be said that I am IN LOVE with Hyun Bin… Haha. OK not really, but I’m seriously infatuated. This man oozes sex from every single pore. Watch the video below from Vogue Korea and experience the HB attack. This was for the Vogue Korea March 2011 cover photoshoot.

Wow, he is so sexy. I could just sit here and watch him sit there all day. Wait a minute, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing for the past three days! Excuse me! Don’t look at me like that though. How is it that such casual actions like sitting, walking can look so sexy on a person?

Now, I’m sure Tang Wei is a nice girl with a great personality, but she really spoilt the video for me. Some people need to know when to fuck off, especially when you’re dealing with Hyun Bin fans like me.

OK, so it’s about the 89th time I’ve replayed the video, and I can’t get enough of this dude. I especially love when he puffs out his cigarette smoke. GAWWWD, one can DIE!

More to come.

One thought on “Sex Appeal of the day: Hyun Bin

  1. Oh My GOD!
    Finally! Someone who understands what its like to fall for this guy!
    I haven’t been able to concentrate on ANYTHING ELSE since I finished watching Secret Garden just yesterday.
    I felt like weeping all day yesterday. I mean seriously.
    Withdrawal symptoms are a bitch!
    And this guy is so reclusive, he hardly appears in any pictures or even on the news. NO SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS to stalk even!! How cruel is that? *sobs*
    SO relieved to know I am not the only one who feels this way about him. Darn it!

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