Hyun Bin of the day: High Cut Magazine March 2011

I previously posted a peek into the editorial that is “Never Forget Now” from High Cut Magazine, featuring Hyun Bin. It is so titled because it was documented one month before Hyun Bin enlisted into the military on 7 March 2011. This will be the last public offering from Hyun Bin for the next two years, and “Never Forget Now” was meant to remember the busiest time of his life, the most crucial time before he had to submit to the army. For the past few months, Hyun Bin had to rush all commitments and projects before his enlistment date. In the pictures it is obvious that Hyun Bin was very exhausted.

In Korea, all men will be called to serve the army between the age of 21-30. Most Korean entertainers choose to work in the military office, however dear Hyun Bin opted for the toughest course (the marine corps), duh, because he is so strong and sexy. I will miss him for the next two years, and I will wait for him, and I love him!!! 😀

Anyway here are more pictures from High Cut:

I have to say, this is a very well dressed man. I’m sure he has a stylist for big occasions, but his general taste and fashion direction is very simple yet forward. Needless to say I love it.

Sex Appeal of the day: Hyun Bin

To call this an obsession, would be a serious understatement. At this point, I think it can be said that I am IN LOVE with Hyun Bin… Haha. OK not really, but I’m seriously infatuated. This man oozes sex from every single pore. Watch the video below from Vogue Korea and experience the HB attack. This was for the Vogue Korea March 2011 cover photoshoot.

Wow, he is so sexy. I could just sit here and watch him sit there all day. Wait a minute, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing for the past three days! Excuse me! Don’t look at me like that though. How is it that such casual actions like sitting, walking can look so sexy on a person?

Now, I’m sure Tang Wei is a nice girl with a great personality, but she really spoilt the video for me. Some people need to know when to fuck off, especially when you’re dealing with Hyun Bin fans like me.

OK, so it’s about the 89th time I’ve replayed the video, and I can’t get enough of this dude. I especially love when he puffs out his cigarette smoke. GAWWWD, one can DIE!

More to come.

Stalking Hyun Bin

High Cut magazine recently documented Hyun Bin’s busy schedule in their latest issue (March 2011). They are so lucky to have been able to follow Hyun Bin everywhere for a week. And thanks to them, we can enjoy these amazing candid pictures.

It’s funny because I once asked a good friend if she would date her Taiwanese/ Korean idols even if they obviously cannot speak English, and she immediately answered YES with great conviction and even said that she wouldn’t mind communicating through sign language for the rest of her life if that’s what it takes… At that time it sounded ridiculous redonkulous to me, but I think I’m beginning to understand…. 🙂

This was taken in the dressing room before his movie’s press conference. Looking sooooo fine. I don’t even mind the cigarette on him.

Now he’s back in his hotel room.. Looking exhausted poor thing 😦 Still looking fineeee. Who in the world can look so good 24/7?? OH yeah, him.

On the way to dinner… Use that damn phone to call me!!!

Getting coffee at the airport, before his flight back to seoul from berlin.