My latest obsession

For someone with extremely dry and pale lips, tinted lip balms are strictly a necessity. I keep a lip balm everywhere I can think of, in my purse alone I always carry around two. I feel like shit when I’m out and my lips are so dry and all I can do is make it worse by licking my lips.

I am super fussy about my lip balms by the way.

  • It has to feel moist when I apply it on my lips. If I don’t feel the moisture I don’t feel the effect.
  • It has to come in a stick form, because a tub is too unhygienic and and a tube is messy.
  • Then comes the colour. So many times I’ve been cheated by the words “A hint of colour”. It’s disappointing.

Enter my newest obsession Clinique Chubby Stick!

Obviously, I only have good things to say about it hence this post. Besides its cute name and packaging, there are so many colours to choose from! The colours are sheer and natural, perfect to get you through days at school. At $26, it can be considered pricey for a lip balm, but still affordable. The best part about it is it comes in crayon form, which I love. It’s so much easier to apply lip colours from a crayon, don’t you think? I love having this additional option in the very small tinted lip balm market.

There is another lip balm I highly recommend, it was a very pleasant surprise, because I just bought it on a whim for fun when I was at Watson’s. It’s the Maybelline tinted lip balm with SPF. I honestly don’t think it even has a proper name haha. But it is so good. So I learnt, don’t discriminate drug store brands!

It keeps my lips moisturized all day, and makes my lips look glossy, and and THE BEST PART is it’s only $4! It’s my secret and now you all know it 🙂 This tube is so tiny I like to keep it in my coin pouch. Very handy 🙂

For the night time, I always apply Burt’s Bees Medicated Lip Balm before I go to bed. My mom buys me a ton of lip balms especially when she travels and sees interesting ones.. But I still stick to this. $10 at Sephora.

So there, hope you enjoyed this little insight into my daily habits and obsessions. Lip balms are a big part of my life!

Shopping in my mind

Talking to a friend today made me realize how long I haven’t been shopping! It didn’t seem that long at first, since I’m perpetually browsing stuff online. But really, it’s been a while… My time in Jakarta has been spent mainly on eating and then on eating more. But I have to go shopping one of these days for a new dress to wear to my grandpa’s birthday bash.

I need these pants!

I need these pants too! And this outfit in general.

This coat. No words.

Red stretchy pants.

Valentine’s Day spam starts now.


One of the best love stories of our time… 500 Days of Summer. It isn’t that romantic, it’s just very relatable, and strikes a balance between bitter and sweet. It’s like you’re being taken on a ride when you watch this film.

I had wanted to post a certain scene from the movie where Summer was singing Sugar Town on karaoke night in front of an audience. Personally I single out that instance to have sparked everything off. It was when he decided he would fall madly in love with her. Too bad it’s nowhere to be found online. Because I just love the look in his eyes in that scene. He was so lovestruck.

Then came all the insecurity and pain. It’s such an accurate depiction of real life.

Anyhoo, happy valentine’s day once again!