Pre-fall 2011

Consolidated a few note-worthy looks from pre-fall ’11. As usual they are the same few designers I always pick out. Sometimes I’m just too lazy to look at other designers besides them, but most of the time when I do I still always come back to the same old…

Calvin Klein Collection: I love this look so much! I would wear this from head to toe.

Doo.Ri: I was actually slightly disappointed by this collection, somehow it had a lot of prints and elements that complicated the Doo.Ri aesthetic. But this look below is stellar.

Helmut Lang: Ahh Helmut Lang.. One designer I will always admire but not necessarily have the guts to wear because it’s a bit progressive for my taste. The drapings are always perfect, and unique in every piece, which makes the simple designs so special.

Monique Lhuillier: I was surprised when I saw this by Monique Lhuillier! Where are the bold colours and floral appliques?? I love this change!

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