Bands you want to see live?

There are very few bands/ musicians I can swoon on and on for years over. I counted three: Coldplay, Matchbox 20, and Arcade Fire. I’ve seen Coldplay play live twice, I’m so happy they like to include Singapore in their world tours, every experience continues to be phenomenal in a unique way, with a few retained elements such as the huge yellow balloons when they perform their song Yellow. No words can justify the feeling you get from a Coldplay concert. There’s too much energy and passion to translate. And trust me I’ve been to many. Seeing a good band play live is awesome. However, seeing the band you’ve been obsessed with for years, of which you know every single song, play live is absolutely surreal.

Which is why I’ve been dreaming about a Matchbox concert since forever. Sadly with every year it becomes less and less feasible as they fade off from the music industry. BUT I recently found out they’re putting out new material next year 🙂 So I’m really excited and I hope they do a world tour. I think I’ll cry when I hear Push performed live. Like, FINALLY. After so many years. My dream come true.

I guess I’m still an old fashioned music junkie. Yeah I’ll listen to electro, dance, and all that but at the end of the day it’s always good old alt rock.

I actually believe Arcade Fire will come to singapore one day. Next year? Lushington has proved its worth and I have faith. But pleeeeeeeaaseeee M20.

I’m really annoyed that every record company feels the need to ban embedding videos. So please just click THIS LINK to see what I’m talking about.


Discovered the most lust worthy line of shirts…

I am always on the look out for the perfect shirt. Because it is the easiest thing to put on for going out. Dress it down with jeans and sandals, or dress it up with a skirt + heels. But the search is never easy. Not only is it hard to find the perfect cutting, where the waist should be defined but not too nipped in to avoid looking too much like workwear, the material can’t be too translucent either- so i don’t have to wear an extra layer of camisole underneath. Those are my two top criteria, I think it’s enough to make the search a hard time.

7 Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before The Year Ends

Taken from Dumb Little Man, here’s helping you to reflect on the past year:

On a scale of 1-10, how satisfied are you with 2010?

Why did you score that way?

What are your biggest accomplishments this year?

What are the biggest lessons you learned this year?

What are your biggest goals that you want to achieve next year?

What new habits do you want to cultivate?

What are your immediate next steps to achieve them?

Design inspiration

Before, I would have been unsure of the direction my future home’s interior design would take… But not anymore as I now know my future home would have a predominantly white interior, high ceilings, modern furniture sparsely scattered, clean lines. See below: