Fly me back in time: 1950’s

I may be a bit too obsessed with Mad Men.

The 50’s have become my favourite era of all time. Their lifestyles were modern, only restricted by limited technology then. It was the era of glamour, women dressed in full skirts, pointed bras, marcel waves, red lips with a cigarette in hand. They seem to be oozing with natural class that our generation cannot match. It also saw the birth of  Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra into the musical world, both of whom stood the test of time and remain popular still, further proving the timeless chic of the 50’s. Yet another case in point: vintage mercedes benzs are still highly coveted collectibles. Everything was grander and more beautiful back then.

Technology ruined the cool. Of course I wouldn’t be able to survive without technology now, but if it was to be taken away from every single one of us like it never was invented- no internet, no blackberry – I think we’d all be doing just fine. Better off in fact. With technology our rights to privacy were revoked. I long for the air to be filled with mystery and desire again.

Maybe I’m just bitter, because I’m not a texter. I am not the sort of person to hold conversations over text, and technology really works to my DISadvantage. Technology complicates things. Not to mention is an unhealthy form of distraction, as evidenced by this blog post.

I am also sick of the trash that is Jersey Shore. What is wrong with people?

One thought on “Fly me back in time: 1950’s

  1. hi steph! jumped here from your facebook profile picture, because recently, i’ve been a wee bit obsessed over Mad Men too. hahaha. i wonder how it’s like in the 50s and 60s in America too. as you said, the dressing, the mannerisms, the music, everything of that era seemed so manicured and glamorous. and despite the sheen, i love how Mad Men starkly shows the sexism and racism prevalent at that time. it must have been tiring to live in those times, but exhilarating, because you got to fight for everything. hmm. i’m at s03e10 now, and can’t bear to go further because it means less and less episodes left! hahaha yikes.

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