Links of the day

Home of Brazilian drug lord raided,  11 tons of marijuana and weapons were seized. Also found: Justin Bieber mural on walls. See photo here.

What would you write in your letter to Michelle Obama? What 8 year old kids wrote here and more.

No country may claim ownership of a planet or star, but the law says nothing about individuals. Spanish woman now officially owns the sun and is going to start charging you for using it. Read more.
Nicole Kidman’s NYC pad for rent at $45k/month- pictures here.

Fly me back in time: 1950’s

I may be a bit too obsessed with Mad Men.

The 50’s have become my favourite era of all time. Their lifestyles were modern, only restricted by limited technology then. It was the era of glamour, women dressed in full skirts, pointed bras, marcel waves, red lips with a cigarette in hand. They seem to be oozing with natural class that our generation cannot match. It also saw the birth of  Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra into the musical world, both of whom stood the test of time and remain popular still, further proving the timeless chic of the 50’s. Yet another case in point: vintage mercedes benzs are still highly coveted collectibles. Everything was grander and more beautiful back then.

Technology ruined the cool. Of course I wouldn’t be able to survive without technology now, but if it was to be taken away from every single one of us like it never was invented- no internet, no blackberry – I think we’d all be doing just fine. Better off in fact. With technology our rights to privacy were revoked. I long for the air to be filled with mystery and desire again.

Maybe I’m just bitter, because I’m not a texter. I am not the sort of person to hold conversations over text, and technology really works to my DISadvantage. Technology complicates things. Not to mention is an unhealthy form of distraction, as evidenced by this blog post.

I am also sick of the trash that is Jersey Shore. What is wrong with people?


Oh my, Kanye West.

Besides Coldplay, I can’t think of any musician who can dish out consistent new music. Sophomore efforts usually disappoint. But this Kanye West, in spite of all the shit people say about him, in spite of his nutty behavior from time to time, when he puts out new music the whole world shuts up. He manages to constantly outdo himself with every album. I’m so impressed. His latest, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, is amazing as one would expect. While he may be a rapper, his music is far from average rap. Average rap defined as ‘you spin my head right round when you go down…’ I looked through most of his lyrics today and they aren’t just meant to fill the silence. Every word is carefully arranged and every line conveys to us what might be going on in Kanye’s head that we can’t seem to get. And we realize that he’s an absolute genius. ‘Abomination of Obama’s nation’ -Taken from the song ‘Power’.

Earlier I called Kanye a musician, and I mean it. How many celebs/ artists can be called musicians anymore. Think Pixie Lott, The Saturdays, just to name a few off the top of my head. Kanye is what we need in music. For that I think he can afford to be the egotistic douchebag/scumbag/jerkoff that he seems to be. As long as he keeps doing what he’s doing. He’s creative, innovative and definitely knows how to market himself as an individual. No one will ever forget his VMA’s moment with Taylor Swift, and his george bush not caring enough about black people comment. Those may be bad press but that’s what makes him Kanye West. People start hating and swearing to stop listening to his music but HA, look who gets the last laugh. He’s got the girls, the cars, the money, and he will always have his talent.

Besides his obvious musical talent, dude also has slick sense of style. He always looks stylish and put together. And evidently so, as he has been commissioned by the likes of Louis Vuitton to design a line of sneakers which of course he dealt with great aplomb, because you know everything he touches turns to gold. Oh no, am I starting to sound a bit biased? But he’s so good with music. Runaway is over 8 minutes long on the album, and I love every second of it. It’s like I can’t get enough. And any normal 8 minute long song would bore people to tears but not Kanye West.. He knows how to work it.

Let me just get the facts out. Kanye West is one in a million, our generation needs to recognize this. He is changing the scape of music. His lyrics are smart and meaningful. He can rap and he can sing. He’s become a person everyone loves to hate. Sounds like success to me.

All my days

Just had a really long day. It’s not late, but I started my day really early. This morning I woke at 3am to send my family to the airport. Then i went straight to school and slept in my car until classes started. After school I went to watch EASY A, and in the evening I met another friend for sogurt (which i hate).

And now I’m home in this empty house. It’s barely been a day and I already feel lonely. Oh no how am i going to last the next week and a half? I realized this is how living alone would be like in the future. It’s kind of sad cuz there’s never anyone home, and if your friends are married there will probably be even less people to meet up with. Basically you’d be alone most of the time, especially weekends. No matter how much you like doing things alone, that’s too much loneliness to handle. I don’t think I’d be able to stand it.

On Sunday I worked a shift for Nespresso at robinsons centrepoint. I don’t usually visit that store. But having worked there 9 hours that day, I noticed the contrast between the customers of Robinson’s and taka (where I also worked before). While those who patronize taka tend to be mostly tai-tais, aunties, and snobbish, Ronbinson’s average customer is practical, friendly, real and funny

Throughout the day many people stopped by to chat with me, even if it started from coffee machines, the conversations always led elsewhere. And all the couples I spoke to were so happy. And I thought of how nice it would be to have someone you can shop for coffee machines with on sunday afternoons, someone you can retire with and live with till a ripe old age.

I chose to include Alexi Murdoch’s All my days in this post because it starts off gloomy and lonely but it ends so hopeful. It’s a beautiful beautiful song.

“Now I see clearly it’s you I’m looking for
All of my days
So I smile, I know I’ll feel this loneliness no more
All of my days

For I look around me
And it seems you found me
And it’s coming into sight
As the days keep turning into night

And even breathing feels alright
Yes, even breathing feels alright
Now even breathing feels alright
Yes, even breathing feels alright.”

//alexi murdoch- all my days

Young blood

Most of the time I can’t wait to be older. But when I watch videos like these, I give it another thought. Maybe I want to be young and reckless.

These are supposed to be the best years of my life, but nothing is happening. Something needs to change, but what. You are all moving along.