Eat me poptart

I was at Poptart last night. I didn’t even know it was Poptart night because I haven’t been for it in a really long time, and last night was supposed to just be a random night out. But WOW like amazing amazing music. I really feel like it’s not your average club night, people are genuinely there for the music. Which is electro/ indie by the way. No other club plays that genre so I would say this is Fash’s niche and they do it really well. Because even after my long break from Poptart, I went back last night and saw the same faces I used to see at Poptart last year and stuff. So it must mean that Butter Factory is doing things right to keep drawing back the crowds.

My best clubbing experiences were actually all at Poptart. Firstly the music puts me in a good mood. Second and very importantly is that there is sufficient space to shimmy (i’m kidding) to your favourite songs!! *phuture please note* And it’s not the winding and grinding that is usually associated with clubs. it’s more like jumping around and headbanging to your favourite songs, with NO dirty boys leering. awesome awesome time. And everyone’s just having a good time, all smiles, it’s a really good environment.

It’s also where I once got majorly slizzard (hehe), where shoon got majorly slizzard (haha) and plenty of other memories so it is close to my heart.

Ok anyway there are a few standard classic songs they play at Poptart… and one of them is Arcade Fire’s Wake Up. It’s like my personal Poptart song cuz when I think of Poptart I’ll remember this song and all the times they played it. So I waited all night for it and I was so ecstatic when it played I owned it. I climbed onto the platform and owned it.  😀

Ha ha. Shall leave you with a song they played last night:

Magic numbers- forever lost

On a random note, the Magic Numbers has a new album and the first single off it is The Pulse which video I have also attached. I don’t know what happened but their musical direction took a 180. They used to be so cheerful in every track? Check it out:

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