She’s in fashion

When it comes to fashion, I am a pretty simple girl. To some, my taste may come off as plain and unfeminine. And I know this because a friend told me, and subsequently tried to make me dress more ‘hipster’. (Which by the way is the lamest term to ever be uttered.)

Minimalism only seems to be plain if you fail to notice the fine points, eg fit, texture, shape, details like stitching, ruffles or draping, etc. In fact I find it the hardest to design because you have to weave so many elements into a single piece of art very quietly.

Another thing about fashion is consistency. Like we learn in Economics, we are all consistent in our tastes. And therefore producers should also be consistent with their products. I strongly believe that each fashion house should find its focus and build on their strength. It is really annoying when you love the line in spring, but the fall collection is an absolute letdown. You should aim to be a brand that your customers want to be loyal to, and always go back to.

Personally, my favourite designers are…

Helmut Lang. Every season they put out collections I desire from start to finish. Clean lines, neutral colours, immaculate draping.

Calvin Klein simply for being a classic.

Costume National, underrated. It puts out very simple, understated clothing every season.

The Row, for being such a pleasant surprise from celebrity designers. MKA have always had a natural flair for fashion, and with their resources I’m sure they have many experienced consultants on their team. But their line is simply too brilliant. They got simplicity nailed.

Another designer I look forward to seeing is Doo.Ri. Admittedly I only started paying attention after her GAP collaboration. But that shows how much potential she has that her talent shines through from only a plain white shirt.

*All pictures from Spring 2011 runway

I admire these fashions and the designers but I do not have the balls or the body to carry these outfits off in real life. Maybe because we live in Singapore, this sad conservative country. But my personal style leans more towards jeans a button down/ tshirt.

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