Eat Pray Love

I only have good things to say about Julia Roberts.

She is incredible. She has no problems appearing on screen with the the lines on her face, and the weight she put on. Unlike many women who try to hold onto their youth refusing to let go (botox? lipo?), Julia Roberts is leaving Pretty Woman in her past, and is moving on to age gracefully, believing that every wrinkle tells a story. Instead of receiving criticism about her body, she will be admired and appreciated by many for showing the world what a real woman should look like. And more people will start feeling OK about themselves. If the Pretty Woman looks like that, then surely this is normal. The chunk in my mid section, my wrinkled hands, untoned arms, dry lips, lines on my forehead. I am now more able to accept these bodily flaws. Despite any bad reviews the movie might have incurred, Julia Roberts has done an amazing job at making women embrace their looks and feel better about themselves. Just with that classic Julia Roberts laugh, she makes it clear that beauty is not just about a pretty face. To me she’s still got it.

Any other person wouldn’t have done justice to the role. Julia Roberts is so naturally lovable, that everyone just wants to see her in this movie. Plus she has the maturity to carry off the whole ‘journey to find life’s balance’. Other likeable actresses might be Jennifer Aniston or Drew Barrymore, but they are more suitable for the ditzy kind of roles in comedies. And any lesser name wouldn’t have garnered much attention for this movie at all. Julia Roberts is perfect.

The movie was a visual feast. My eyes were on a vacation. I am definitely going back to Bali this year end. A little birdie told me the movie was filmed in the Ubud area.. Mmmmm 😛

One thought on “Eat Pray Love

  1. I still haven’t seen this movie

    Let’s go to Tuscany

    Now I know why you sent me an email about Bali. Haha I thought it was soooo random

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