Found you guys a bargain

You can rent the entire Tokyo Mandarin Oriental Hotel for $873,795 per night. Not too bad.

India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani’s (personal net worth £18 billion) new 27-storey HOME (valued at £630 million), which he shares with his wife and three children.

Comes with:

  • health club with a gym and dance studio
  • at least one studio
  • a ballroom
  • guestrooms
  • a range of lounges and a 50 seater cinema
  • elevated garden with ceiling space to accommodate trees
  • three helicopter pads
  • underground parking for 160 cars
  • 600 staff

Facebook CEO and mutli-billionaire Mark Zuckerberg (personal net worth $4 billion, and with FB valued at $35 billion) rents this modest pad on a monthly lease.

[Photo credits: Mandarin Oriental, Gawker, Telegraph]

Lindsay Lohan Vanity Fair Oct 10

It wasn’t too long ago I fell in love with Lindsay Lohan. It was just after Mean Girls, she started losing all that weight, and she dressed pretty well at that time. Too bad that was the beginning of the end. This Oct ’10 VF editorial however shows her at her best. I always liked her better blonde, and I absolutely love the setting of the shoot and the fashion direction (50’s Betty Draper-esque prim and proper). For more photos, go here. Find the interview there as well.

Eat me poptart

I was at Poptart last night. I didn’t even know it was Poptart night because I haven’t been for it in a really long time, and last night was supposed to just be a random night out. But WOW like amazing amazing music. I really feel like it’s not your average club night, people are genuinely there for the music. Which is electro/ indie by the way. No other club plays that genre so I would say this is Fash’s niche and they do it really well. Because even after my long break from Poptart, I went back last night and saw the same faces I used to see at Poptart last year and stuff. So it must mean that Butter Factory is doing things right to keep drawing back the crowds.

My best clubbing experiences were actually all at Poptart. Firstly the music puts me in a good mood. Second and very importantly is that there is sufficient space to shimmy (i’m kidding) to your favourite songs!! *phuture please note* And it’s not the winding and grinding that is usually associated with clubs. it’s more like jumping around and headbanging to your favourite songs, with NO dirty boys leering. awesome awesome time. And everyone’s just having a good time, all smiles, it’s a really good environment.

It’s also where I once got majorly slizzard (hehe), where shoon got majorly slizzard (haha) and plenty of other memories so it is close to my heart.

Ok anyway there are a few standard classic songs they play at Poptart… and one of them is Arcade Fire’s Wake Up. It’s like my personal Poptart song cuz when I think of Poptart I’ll remember this song and all the times they played it. So I waited all night for it and I was so ecstatic when it played I owned it. I climbed onto the platform and owned it.  😀

Ha ha. Shall leave you with a song they played last night:

Magic numbers- forever lost

On a random note, the Magic Numbers has a new album and the first single off it is The Pulse which video I have also attached. I don’t know what happened but their musical direction took a 180. They used to be so cheerful in every track? Check it out:

11-year old fashion prodigy

I am half in awe of this 11 year old girl, who at her age managed to design a collection that even I find quite fabulous.

The other half of me feels sad for her because she is obviously conceited and probably doesn’t have any friends.

But it’s good though, she’s had her career path decided since she was 6. and even before turning into a teenager, she has attained success by designing for the likes of Miley Cyrus.

Guess there’s always a tradeoff.

If the link above doesn’t work here’s where I read about her:

She’s in fashion

When it comes to fashion, I am a pretty simple girl. To some, my taste may come off as plain and unfeminine. And I know this because a friend told me, and subsequently tried to make me dress more ‘hipster’. (Which by the way is the lamest term to ever be uttered.)

Minimalism only seems to be plain if you fail to notice the fine points, eg fit, texture, shape, details like stitching, ruffles or draping, etc. In fact I find it the hardest to design because you have to weave so many elements into a single piece of art very quietly.

Another thing about fashion is consistency. Like we learn in Economics, we are all consistent in our tastes. And therefore producers should also be consistent with their products. I strongly believe that each fashion house should find its focus and build on their strength. It is really annoying when you love the line in spring, but the fall collection is an absolute letdown. You should aim to be a brand that your customers want to be loyal to, and always go back to.

Personally, my favourite designers are…

Helmut Lang. Every season they put out collections I desire from start to finish. Clean lines, neutral colours, immaculate draping.

Calvin Klein simply for being a classic.

Costume National, underrated. It puts out very simple, understated clothing every season.

The Row, for being such a pleasant surprise from celebrity designers. MKA have always had a natural flair for fashion, and with their resources I’m sure they have many experienced consultants on their team. But their line is simply too brilliant. They got simplicity nailed.

Another designer I look forward to seeing is Doo.Ri. Admittedly I only started paying attention after her GAP collaboration. But that shows how much potential she has that her talent shines through from only a plain white shirt.

*All pictures from Spring 2011 runway

I admire these fashions and the designers but I do not have the balls or the body to carry these outfits off in real life. Maybe because we live in Singapore, this sad conservative country. But my personal style leans more towards jeans a button down/ tshirt.

Eat Pray Love

I only have good things to say about Julia Roberts.

She is incredible. She has no problems appearing on screen with the the lines on her face, and the weight she put on. Unlike many women who try to hold onto their youth refusing to let go (botox? lipo?), Julia Roberts is leaving Pretty Woman in her past, and is moving on to age gracefully, believing that every wrinkle tells a story. Instead of receiving criticism about her body, she will be admired and appreciated by many for showing the world what a real woman should look like. And more people will start feeling OK about themselves. If the Pretty Woman looks like that, then surely this is normal. The chunk in my mid section, my wrinkled hands, untoned arms, dry lips, lines on my forehead. I am now more able to accept these bodily flaws. Despite any bad reviews the movie might have incurred, Julia Roberts has done an amazing job at making women embrace their looks and feel better about themselves. Just with that classic Julia Roberts laugh, she makes it clear that beauty is not just about a pretty face. To me she’s still got it.

Any other person wouldn’t have done justice to the role. Julia Roberts is so naturally lovable, that everyone just wants to see her in this movie. Plus she has the maturity to carry off the whole ‘journey to find life’s balance’. Other likeable actresses might be Jennifer Aniston or Drew Barrymore, but they are more suitable for the ditzy kind of roles in comedies. And any lesser name wouldn’t have garnered much attention for this movie at all. Julia Roberts is perfect.

The movie was a visual feast. My eyes were on a vacation. I am definitely going back to Bali this year end. A little birdie told me the movie was filmed in the Ubud area.. Mmmmm 😛

Is the pursuit of wealth and material things a life wasted?

There are many luxuries that we enjoy in life. Constant travels around the world, distressing at a spa, good food, an expensive purse; these are elements in our lives that we have become used to.

My mom often nags me for being ‘overly materialistic’, and though I don’t feel that I am, I can understand why she might be so upset. In last week’s issue of the Sunday Times, it was reported that a significant number of twenty-somethings are heavily in debt due to their over-spending. My mom is probably worried that I might end up like one of them if I continue with my current lifestyle habits.

To quote Blair Waldorf, “Once [they] have tasted caviar, it baffles me how they settle for catfish”. She might be referring to men when she said this line, but it’s quite apt in my current context as well.

For example, popular local hairstylist David Gan’s obsession with Hermes products is widely known to all. I once even came across a website wholly devoted to pictures of David Gan and his Hermes collection. According to him, once you acquire a Hermes product, the quality of the leather and stitching is so remarkable you will never deign to shop at another brand again. Of course, he can afford it with enough disposable income.

However there is a growing number of young women who feel that they are able to afford a $3000 purse because they make a monthly $3000 salary. Um, technically they can, if they starve all month, walk everywhere and live completely off their parents. Which in short, is impossible. Not to mention long term goals like savings, housing, weddings, children and a car. But the temptation might be too great to overcome, especially with the lure of credit. With new student credit cards in the market, spending habits are also further encouraged at a younger age.

However, once you recognize this general picture that your materialism could lead you down a path of debt, I think it could be useful as a form of motivation. You know what you want, however superficial, and the only way to attain it is through hard work. If that makes you work hard, I wouldn’t call it superficial anymore.

Also, materialism shouldn’t be confused with genuine interest in fashion, which I feel are both very closely intertwined. And if you say you are interested in fashion, are you a fashion victim or do you seriously have a flair for it? So many fine lines in between.