Clash of the Comedies

TV season started a few weeks ago, bringing us premieres of many favourites like Gossip Girl, Cougar Town, Modern Family, Glee… to say the least.

I was eager for Modern Family S2 to air, but at the same time I was afraid it might not live up to what Season 1 offered. After being such a runaway hit, the pressure was on to create even better comedy. They might even choose to sell out, by becoming more slapstick to cater to wider audiences, or inviting celebs to do cameos. Thankfully, producers believed their characters were their strength and chose to focus on them instead of inviting guest appearances.

After catching the season premiere last week, I am so proud to say that MF has still got it! I laughed my ass of throughout the 20 minutes, and even teared a bit at the end. It is everything MF stands for; the crazy, wacky, funny and lovely.

I’m glad they were recognized at the Emmy’s for Best Comedy, because I always thought they were greatly underrated. Everyone seems to only want to talk about How I Met Your Mother which, to me, is not even funny. The humour is forced and slapstick, and if they were to take away the fake audience laughter in the background, I don’t think you’d realize you were supposed to laugh then. Its only redeeming factor is Barney, who is averagely interesting.

Lots of friends tell me I can’t compare apple with orange, but generally the attention showered on HIMYM is undeserved. Here’s why you should watch Modern Family instead:

  • To save yourself. You’re really missing out.
  • To redeem yourself. You’ll be sorry you were watching HIMYM.

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