Ghosts from the past

These Crazy Shakes are here to stay!!

I insist you all watch Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. Not only is it a pleasure to watch, it is of high educational value. Many memorable quotes from the movie are still lingering inside my head, making me wish I watched it earlier as it offers valuable advice after valuable advice.

Looking at love from another point of view, I find that magic is pretty symbolic of love. We all know magic does not exist in real life, but some of us choose to continue believing in it. Whether by reading Harry Potter or watching Mr. Magorium’s, we are subscribing to magical fantasies, probably for solace or escape from our own ordinary lives. Love is the same in many ways, we believe it is the wonderful feeling of your heart skipping a beat, the tickle in your throat, the glow on you cheeks and shine in your eyes.

The only difference is, we are convinced of the fact that magic is not real. This is because we have tried and tested flying, teleporting, and disappearing, and we know they all don’t work. But there is no way to test that love isn’t real, you just keep thinking that it will happen SOMEDAY. The wait is futile; Love is magical comfort food for the weak and uneducated.

As you can guess, the dude in the movie is a cynic, very much like myself. Why are people cynics in love? Do we really want to be party poopers and rain on everyone’s parade, talk about depressing shit all the time? In the movie, this dude suffered great humiliation at his high school prom where he was ditched by the only girl he loved. He never wanted to go through that same suffering again. Love makes you feel warm and relevant, but leaves you weak and dependent.

Therefore, don’t blame us for being so negative, it is with reason that we do so. There is too much false hope out there, and someone’s got to play the bad cop.

However, I should have you know that Ghost of Girlfriends Past ends with the dude reformed into a believer again as he was reunited with his One. I’m not that big a bitch, I’m happy for him 🙂

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