Are you on board with SDN?

A month ago, The Straits Times ran a piece on the dwindling number of marriages among the younger generation… In the article they also mentioned a new dating campaign pushed by the Social Development Network (SDN) to encourage singles between ages of 20-33 to mingle and date. Whenever this issue came up in conversations with friends, I realize that this is the point they interject with a frown and scoff. “That is so lame.”

Matchmaking is commonly frowned upon, written off as for the ‘desperate’. You are forced to meet your potential One under very stressful circumstances- there is an elephant in the room impossible to ignore; both parties are actively over-analyzing one another for possible spousal traits, and rating their good/bad. This process to some, is unnatural and fake. Especially with SDN trying way too hard by sponsoring uni camps and trying to incorporate sexual hints in games, people have good reason to despise SDN. Moreover, ideally everyone should have his or her own ‘love story’. SDN matchmaking isn’t the most romantic way to meet.

However as vast majorities of people choose to focus on their careers during early stages of life, it’s not until a later age that we realize that oh crap time is running out, I need to get married NOW. And a guy is not going to fall from the sky just cuz you decided NOW is the right time. It is a practical world we live in, and matchmaking is a practical way to meet people.

I’ve perused the SDN approved dating website “LoveByte” and it caters to a variety of people, from tech yuppies, nature lovers, workaholics only free for lunch, to singles ready to middle. In the past, ‘Speed-dating’ used to be the rage, where a guy and a girl were given 5 minutes to get to know each other, before moving on to the next guy/girl to get to know. And at the end decide who is most worth knowing. However these days more personal activities are made available including nature walks, movie sessions, brunch, high tea, dinner and even day trips to Malaysia. I checked the availability of the activities and found that a handful were fully booked, proving their popularity. Not to mention, all activities are heavily subsidized. Membership packages run up to 600$ in value, but thanks to SDN, we only pay a mere $25. ☺

My point is, SDN has really put it out there for you. There’s no harm in giving it a shot. So put aside that stigma and go for it. In the ‘Singles Mingle’ sessions, they organize group activities where you just hang out and make friends, no pressure. If you continue being a stuck up bitch THINKING you are better than those who attend these sessions, you might be missing out on some! Hope I changed your mind on this issue. There’s no point thinking you’re better than everyone else and end up being the only one left on the shelf k?

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