Clash of the Comedies

TV season started a few weeks ago, bringing us premieres of many favourites like Gossip Girl, Cougar Town, Modern Family, Glee… to say the least.

I was eager for Modern Family S2 to air, but at the same time I was afraid it might not live up to what Season 1 offered. After being such a runaway hit, the pressure was on to create even better comedy. They might even choose to sell out, by becoming more slapstick to cater to wider audiences, or inviting celebs to do cameos. Thankfully, producers believed their characters were their strength and chose to focus on them instead of inviting guest appearances.

After catching the season premiere last week, I am so proud to say that MF has still got it! I laughed my ass of throughout the 20 minutes, and even teared a bit at the end. It is everything MF stands for; the crazy, wacky, funny and lovely.

I’m glad they were recognized at the Emmy’s for Best Comedy, because I always thought they were greatly underrated. Everyone seems to only want to talk about How I Met Your Mother which, to me, is not even funny. The humour is forced and slapstick, and if they were to take away the fake audience laughter in the background, I don’t think you’d realize you were supposed to laugh then. Its only redeeming factor is Barney, who is averagely interesting.

Lots of friends tell me I can’t compare apple with orange, but generally the attention showered on HIMYM is undeserved. Here’s why you should watch Modern Family instead:

  • To save yourself. You’re really missing out.
  • To redeem yourself. You’ll be sorry you were watching HIMYM.

Ghosts from the past

These Crazy Shakes are here to stay!!

I insist you all watch Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. Not only is it a pleasure to watch, it is of high educational value. Many memorable quotes from the movie are still lingering inside my head, making me wish I watched it earlier as it offers valuable advice after valuable advice.

Looking at love from another point of view, I find that magic is pretty symbolic of love. We all know magic does not exist in real life, but some of us choose to continue believing in it. Whether by reading Harry Potter or watching Mr. Magorium’s, we are subscribing to magical fantasies, probably for solace or escape from our own ordinary lives. Love is the same in many ways, we believe it is the wonderful feeling of your heart skipping a beat, the tickle in your throat, the glow on you cheeks and shine in your eyes.

The only difference is, we are convinced of the fact that magic is not real. This is because we have tried and tested flying, teleporting, and disappearing, and we know they all don’t work. But there is no way to test that love isn’t real, you just keep thinking that it will happen SOMEDAY. The wait is futile; Love is magical comfort food for the weak and uneducated.

As you can guess, the dude in the movie is a cynic, very much like myself. Why are people cynics in love? Do we really want to be party poopers and rain on everyone’s parade, talk about depressing shit all the time? In the movie, this dude suffered great humiliation at his high school prom where he was ditched by the only girl he loved. He never wanted to go through that same suffering again. Love makes you feel warm and relevant, but leaves you weak and dependent.

Therefore, don’t blame us for being so negative, it is with reason that we do so. There is too much false hope out there, and someone’s got to play the bad cop.

However, I should have you know that Ghost of Girlfriends Past ends with the dude reformed into a believer again as he was reunited with his One. I’m not that big a bitch, I’m happy for him 🙂

Are you on board with SDN?

A month ago, The Straits Times ran a piece on the dwindling number of marriages among the younger generation… In the article they also mentioned a new dating campaign pushed by the Social Development Network (SDN) to encourage singles between ages of 20-33 to mingle and date. Whenever this issue came up in conversations with friends, I realize that this is the point they interject with a frown and scoff. “That is so lame.”

Matchmaking is commonly frowned upon, written off as for the ‘desperate’. You are forced to meet your potential One under very stressful circumstances- there is an elephant in the room impossible to ignore; both parties are actively over-analyzing one another for possible spousal traits, and rating their good/bad. This process to some, is unnatural and fake. Especially with SDN trying way too hard by sponsoring uni camps and trying to incorporate sexual hints in games, people have good reason to despise SDN. Moreover, ideally everyone should have his or her own ‘love story’. SDN matchmaking isn’t the most romantic way to meet.

However as vast majorities of people choose to focus on their careers during early stages of life, it’s not until a later age that we realize that oh crap time is running out, I need to get married NOW. And a guy is not going to fall from the sky just cuz you decided NOW is the right time. It is a practical world we live in, and matchmaking is a practical way to meet people.

I’ve perused the SDN approved dating website “LoveByte” and it caters to a variety of people, from tech yuppies, nature lovers, workaholics only free for lunch, to singles ready to middle. In the past, ‘Speed-dating’ used to be the rage, where a guy and a girl were given 5 minutes to get to know each other, before moving on to the next guy/girl to get to know. And at the end decide who is most worth knowing. However these days more personal activities are made available including nature walks, movie sessions, brunch, high tea, dinner and even day trips to Malaysia. I checked the availability of the activities and found that a handful were fully booked, proving their popularity. Not to mention, all activities are heavily subsidized. Membership packages run up to 600$ in value, but thanks to SDN, we only pay a mere $25. ☺

My point is, SDN has really put it out there for you. There’s no harm in giving it a shot. So put aside that stigma and go for it. In the ‘Singles Mingle’ sessions, they organize group activities where you just hang out and make friends, no pressure. If you continue being a stuck up bitch THINKING you are better than those who attend these sessions, you might be missing out on some! Hope I changed your mind on this issue. There’s no point thinking you’re better than everyone else and end up being the only one left on the shelf k?

The One pt 2: Waiting for the perfect man

We all have our personal opinions on whether The One exists. According to a survey done with Singaporean women by Her World magazine, 99% DO believe that The One exists. I can’t remember the exact stats of how many people were surveyed but I can surely say those pessimistic ones are quite negligible. We are all hopeful in love. But is this a blind kind of hope? We’ve all been hurt in the process of searching for The One so many times, that being hopeful might be a very foolish thing to do.

To draw an example: your favourite song just came on radio and you are extremely excited. You clear your throat and get ready to sing along. Then, you realize it’s just an advert. DISAPPOINTMENT. The second time it comes on radio again, the same thing happens. If you are foolish enough to fall for it the third time, well you truly are very foolish. Or optimistic. That is a nicer way to put it. I guess.

My point is, it is super difficult to know what life is going to throw you at whatever point of time. It’s really hard to predict when it’s the song playing or the advert. And before I wrote this, I tried really hard to come up with a stand on whether love exists and how to find it, but there really is no definite answer and I feel it really depends on your luck. Who knows, the third time that song comes on radio, it really might be the full song and not an advert right? Sorry for leading you around in circles without providing a sound conclusion. If you have any input on this subject, feel free to leave a comment!

However I found an interesting viewpoint from an article I read recently titled “We All Married The Wrong Person”– the title couldn’t be anymore negative, – it elaborates that we will never meet THE right person. But, we can meet A right person, if we wanted. You just have to make some adjustments on your criteriaa.

I guess that’s fair enough. Soulmates and all that seam too idealistic for this practical society anyway. Most people these days just settle down with a decent standard guy when it comes to marriageable age. Yeah OK, I’m quite sure love does not exist anymore. I just found my stand. Love HARDLY exists. It’s all about the sex and the money.

Do you agree?

The One

My dad once gave me some invaluable advice I will never forget. He said, “Before you get married, you better take a good hard look at the guy and make sure he’s the one.” Of course I haven’t been able to apply this piece of advice to my life as yet, but I still find it super relevant.

I know so many girls who are smart and beautiful people, who have been hurt deeply or cheated by boys (all stupid and childish). And when I see them so upset, I think those boys are such bastards to be unable to see the good thing in front of them. But whatever, those boys don’t deserve it.

I think girls get affected by boys too easily. I’m not just talking about just you, I’m a girl as well I know how you feel. Us girls we tend to be over-emotional, and I blame this on the fairytales we were read when we were young, they set such high standards for Prince Charmings and Happy Endings. These never seem to happen in real life.

And what about all the TV shows and idol dramas that target teenage-girl audiences. They make us so overly hopeful about love and relationships, no one cared to tell us about the ugly side. For example, Boy meets Girl. They get to know each other (over drinks, dinner, text messages…) and they fall in love and get together. But what TV failed to inform us, was how many frogs Girl had to kiss before she met Boy.

Yes, in our everyday lives, we encounter countless potential partners (well for some of us anyway). But who will emerge as The One? How do we know when to keep our guard up, and when to let it down? Will The One ever come? And sadly, is there even such a person as The One?

Spice Girls had a very serious message for all of us, when they sang “If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends”. I am a firm believer in that, because an outsider gets a clearer perspective of what your prospective One is like, as we are not blinded by love like you are. So, look for your friends, ask for their help, they are super important.

And as for yourself, I really don’t want to see my friends upset over boys and stuff. Hell, I don’t want to be upset over boys. So let’s all be the strong independent women we are, and keep our hearts guarded against the bad ones.

When to keep our guard up and when to let it down, remains a mystery. I shall do more research and let you know soon. Below I added some lyrics I feel are quite apt for this post. It’s from an oldie called “Buses & Trains” by Bachelor Girl. Toodle loo!

Hey Mom
Why didn’t you tell me
Why didn’t you teach me a thing or two
You just let me go
Out into the World
You never thought to share what you knew

Hey Mom
Why didn’t you warn me
Coz about boys is something I should have known
They’re like chocolate cake
Like cigarettes
I know they’re bad for me
But I just can’t leave them alone

TV Dreams

You know when you just finished with watching a show, where there was a happy ending, and it made you feel all happy and mushy inside? Did you ever realize that once it ended and you had to turn it off, that everything else would seem so depressing and meaningless? That’s what TV does to you… They should totally put warning labels on those things.

When you’re following a series, you dedicate days and nights to it. Subconsciously you are absorbed into the fantasy world of the characters, you feel their highs and lows, together you laugh and you cry. Finally, the end draws near. 1) You feel sad. 2) You don’t want it to ever end. Why?? Cuz you want to continue living their lives, with whats-his-name hot guy, with a sexy car, and a romance that could never exist in the real world. Whatever it is, it comes to an end eventually. Episode 20- they get their happy ending and live happily ever after…. But wait a minute, where’s YOUR happy ending?

You were so absorbed in what was unreal, that when you had to snap back to your real life, everything seemed so bleak. And unappealing. Why can’t life be more like the TV show?

Yeah but it’s all fake. And it’s never going to happen. Just go and study already.


Hi!!! My name is Stephenie but you can call me Steph. I’m 19 years old and JUST started this blog on impulse. The story goes like this: I woke up from my afternoon nap today and continued with my usual daily activities, with a nagging feeling at the back of my head but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. THEN as I sat down and started up my computer, a lightning bolt shot through me and that’s when I KNEW. I didn’t exactly have the best nap, because my mind was so busy at work bringing me the most awesome DREAM!

My dream wasn’t about anyone or anything that already exists, it was something completely new that I created in my head while asleep. I mean, does ‘these crazy shakes’ sound familiar to you?? No! It’s something no one knows about, and quite possibly something that I am responsible for creating in the near future. It’s like how in the movie Inception, a group of people just went through a crazy complex plan to plant this idea in my head. Yes, that does seems highly likely.

This also brings to mind what The Band Kerry said about their song “If I Die Young”. In a video interview I watched on YouTube, they said that God gave them that song, they were just lucky to have pen and paper with them when the song was ready to come down to earth. Shit, they took the words out of my mouth. That was exactly what I was going to say. Well I do feel that this idea just fell into my lap, but I’m still not sure what to make of it, but I’m very sure it’s significant.

And even more importantly, when I logged on to the WordPress, there was a featured article on Macdonald’s fruit smoothies (hence name of this blog). As I scrolled further down, they were also advertising their WordPress app for Blackberry (so I can blog from my phone). If this isn’t a sign, I don’t know what you call it.

If you’re a dream reader, maybe you can help me out: I dreamt up a whole new MTV show, about a band called ‘The Crazy Shakes’ and they have this huge hit called ‘These Crazy Shakes’ (please note the difference) and they were performing it at a really rad gig. What do you say? I just know “these crazy shakes” is important because the entire song was made up of those three words. It’s just screaming out for my attention.


I’m going to split, but not before I leave you with part of my inspiration.. Here’s the video for ‘Fancy Footwork’ by Chromeo.

Chromeo – Fancy Footwork from Chromeo1 on Vimeo.